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Wellness candles– a myth or reality?

We have all been victim to those emotional purchases that have sexy promises of a enhanced and more wholesome life, just 'add to cart’ and all of your troubles will vanish with a little spray, spri...

Reverence : deep respect for someone or something.

Reverence deep respect for someone or something.  We are all trying to regain a semblance of order in what has been the most challenging 12 months on record. Reverence, the name of our new range...

Were doing it. And where have we been?

After a 4 month hiatus from the strenuous task writing, we are back. Well we can blame 2020 for most things and a lack of entries is certainly down to a pandemic.

Harrods and the Call of Luxury Retail

The mystical waft of fine fragrance oils, perfumes, colognes and attars adds to the experiential journey of being in Harrods, this feels like the epicenter of luxury retail. I returned to my senses...

I need to fly to Poland to test a wick!

Wallace & Co sources goods from all over the world, glassware from Poland, wicks from Germany, reed sticks from Thailand, brass oil burners from India, wax from England, even screen printing ma...

Wallace & Co. in 2020

Can you even authentically differentiate with a candle or room spray? My answer is yes, by design. Our strategy is as obvious as any but very hard to execute. Design is key, we are going over the t...

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